So today, I am going to  be talking about Passions.

Passion for me is that drive that keeps you going. The love you have for a particular thing that makes you chase that dream or goal avidly without looking back. Though the times maybe rough and the roads rocky you still have that burning zeal to achieve that dream. And that’s because of the passion  you have to chase that dream, to chase that goal.

What are your hobbies, dreams, goals? Have you given up on yourself? Are you where you wanted to be? Have you achieved half your resolutions for this year? Have you lost focus? Remember the year is already coming to its first quarter.

It’s really never too late lovelies. Let go of the distractions, the setbacks and get started. Truth be told there will always be distractions but the key is FOCUS.

Pick a passion, a dream, a goal today and pursue it. It’s better to start than to never have started. Why procrastinate? Time waits for no one.

Conceive It; Achieve it!




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