Yaay! I’m back again. The foodie in me will not let me pass by without talking about food😀.  I love food! Not just food alone o, I love Kitchen! (I guess that’s my favourite part of the house trust me).

You know the intresting thing about my foodie life? It’s not just about the food but the preparation process, starting from shopping the food stuffs, to the cooking,  the table layout; plating and cutlery arrangement is very key for me. Imagine a very delicious meal with a poor table layout. For me, that a turn-off😕. It’s funny though, but these little details matter. One of the “cuisine etiquettes” if I’ll call it so. On the other side, imagine a tastefully prepared meal with the proper table layout, lovelies which would you go for? Your answer is as good as mine.

Cooking is one passion that burns deep down in me. I mean what better summarises the reward I get after shopping for food stuffs in the blazing skin-roasting sun? For me, my reward is what I get out of it. The aroma and deliciousness of a carefully prepared home-made meal. The perfect reward for my tummy after a long tiring day comboed with a glass of home-made juice. The feeling is just heavenly! 💯

Cooking is an art! The key is just creativity.

I’ll be sharing some Cuisines with you. Stay tuned!

With Love;

KoKo (Chef Director KoKo’s Cuisine)



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