Yes, You Can!

Have you ever thought ‘oh it’s impossible!😕’ OK, yes it’s possible on second thoughts, and then you go again thinking, ‘what if I fail?’, ‘what if I don’t follow it through?’, ‘what will people say?’, ‘what if people laugh at me?’. So many ‘what ifs’!😯

That’s fear lovely, that’s fear rearing it’s ugly head at you. And when you concede to it, procrastination, the greatest time stealer sets in and at the end of the day, those great dreams and aspirations are doused, done away with, and you’re back at level zero completely. Bright goals dashed. How sad!

My dear, letting go of those ‘what ifs’, those pessimistic thoughts, is the beginning of your progress. Your beautiful dreams and aspirations are do-able. Yes, you can!💪 Take your own life in your hands.  You and only you are responsible for your actions and what you’ll become. No one can do it for you but only you. My dear friend @desireuba ( will always say ‘DO IT AFRAID’. Yes!, I can’t agree any less. Do it afraid lovely. Do it afraid. Don’t wait for the perfect of moments, the best of situations, the best of conditions. Nope! Do it anyways. Just start, and everything will fall in place.

God Almighty will see your resilience and determination and will bless your hardwork and goals.

It’s when you start that the vision  gets more defined. That hazy view becomes clearer. But how will it be clear, if you didn’t even start at all in the first place?. So to all my scared lovelies, ‘DO IT AFRAID’.

No one ever got hurt as a result of letting those fears behind, but there’s a forever-hurt of not doing what you know fully well you can do but never did, simply because you gave way to fear.

Walk away from your fears, better still, practically run away from it without looking back. It’s in the past now, where it rightfully belongs.

I know you can do it.

I know you will do it.

I believe in you.


Just Do It.

Start Today, Start Now!





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